One on One Coaching Options:

Long-term Coaching
Minimum 16 sessions, one hour every week, or one hour every other week
Appropriate for individuals who want to transform their life or reinvent themselves.  We will look at your life holistically and you will identify 3-4 results you would like to create.

Short-term Coaching
6-8 one hour sessions
Appropriate for an individual who has one particular goal to accomplish, e.g., getting a PHD or a new job.

Just-in Time Coaching 
1 or 2 one hour sessions, as needed and upon request
Bring any issue where you are stuck or need support; e.g., preparing for a job interview; gaining confidence in charging what you are worth.

Group Coaching for two or more individuals
This is appropriate for a manager/employee conflict; two managers having trouble working effectively across organizational lines; a couple; an entire management team; and a family.  Learn how to create a win/win by shifting the focus from what you don’t want, to what you do want to create.   I will recommend a number of hours for the coaching engagement based upon an assessment of the situation.

Coaching Retreats for Individuals and Groups
Coaching/Adventure Retreat.  I combine coaching and adventure in a beautiful location to create fun and learning through movement and powerful, transformative conversations