Organizational Assessments/Troubleshooting
I will come into your organization and interview staff and management, and propose an approach/solution which will not only deal with the symptoms, but also the underlying issue(s).

“Change Process” Design and Implementation
I will support you to design a process which will accomplish your goals and ensure that your employees buy-in to the change process.  I  will also support you to effectively lead the change effort.

Design and Facilitation of Team Retreats
I believe that 80 % of the success of a retreat is in the planning.  I will support you to design a retreat to accomplish your desired objectives.  A well-designed retreat will be fun and meet your desired objectives.

Team Building
Building high performing teams requires focus on team goals, the team players and their respective roles and responsibilities.  It requires team members to learn how to constructively deal with conflict.  I bring strong people skills and knowledge of the discipline and structure needed for a team to succeed.    I have extensive experience in building and leading teams, coaching teams, and supporting teams to get to win/win.

“Temporary” Manager/Executive
With my extensive management and leadership experience, I can come into your organization and make a difference, for both the employees and management,  in a short period of time.   This is perfect for organizations that are going through a hiring process for a permanent manager and need a temporary manager.   I am not a caretaker; rather, I am a change agent with a heart of gold.   You can count on me to come in and support and coach your employees to move through the change and transitions.   I will assess the organization and provide recommendations to the new manager. 

Motivational Speaking
My life story speaks to how my disappointments, heartbreaks and challenges have been the gateway to transformation and a life of peace and possibility.   My goal is to inspire others to see the gifts in our life’s experiences, and to reap the rewards and benefits on the other side. 
Some of my topics include:
Reinventing Yourself After you Hit Rock-bottom
A 500 Mile Pilgrimage:  Returning Home to your Authentic Self with Clarity
One family’s Healing Journey Through a Loved One’s Struggle with Drugs and Alcohol