Winthrop 2015
Discover the Magic of The Way

If you’ve lost your way, taken a few wrong turns, or found yourself stuck on the road of life, you have a unique opportunity to discover your way forward, lighten your load and become a pilgrim with a curious spirit and an open mind. Our two week adventure in the rural countryside of Switzerland and France will illuminate your path, refresh your mind, nourish your body and renew your soul and spirit.

Our Role
In the past we’ve walked this path and found our gold. You now have that same opportunity to follow the Way to discover your own inner treasures and your own way forward. As your consultants, we will not only pro-vide the practical structure for the trip, but also share our unique gifts and “hold the container” for your own growth, discovery and transformation. Our partnership is designed to create an unforgettable and transforma-tive experience by encouraging and supporting you while you navigate the challenges of your inner and out-er journey.

The Setting
We begin our adventure in the beautiful city of Geneva, surrounded by the French and Swiss Alps, where we spend the night. The next morning we begin our journey on the Way of St. James, also known as the Camino or the Chemin. Our walk takes us out of the city and up into the surrounding countryside where a small creek and a faded string of Tibetan peace flags traversing it, marks the border between Switzerland and France. From here we’ll walk the Way through enchanted forests, along beautiful mountain paths, past quaint and rustic farms, through delightful Alpine villages and along sweep-ing riverscapes as we follow the lovely Rhone River through the Savoie region of France to our end point at La Cote St. Andre.

Taking it Deeper
As you take a trek to a new track in your life, your journey follows the steps of thou-sands of pilgrims who, over the ages, have walked these same paths. Walking the Way, as the pilgrimage is affectionately known, is an invitation to your heart and spirit to welcome self-awareness and change. A mystical quality permeates the road to Santiago and once commenced upon, a tacit agreement is formed between the pilgrim and the Way. You offer yourself to a greater energy that says, “OK, what do you want to let go of?” Or more likely, “What do you need to let go of?” In saying “yes” to this power, your physical and mental resolve will be tested and, if willing, you may come to know and understand yourself as never before.

As we walk together on the Camino, we support each of you on your journey of self-discovery. Through our respective practices of shamanic healing, soul reading and coaching, we hold the container of emotional and psychic safety that al-lows you to process the learning, insights, chal-lenges and hardships: the breakdowns and break-throughs that you experience as a pilgrim on the Way. Together we offer our talents to assist you in finding the missing pieces of your personal life’s puzzle, helping you create a breakthrough experience that reflects the wholeness of yourself.