My name is Amit Patel and I am the Vice President and General Manager of the Vancouver, British Columbia
business unit for Turner Construction Company. I pleased to write to you today in reference to Barb McAllister,
Master Certified Coach.

Barb and I have been working directly together since July 2016. She has been my professional coach and we
currently maintain this relationship. When we began working together, I was acting as the Business Manager for
Turner Construction in Vancouver. At the time Barb and I met, the business had gone from two employees to thirtytwo
employees and climbed to $35M USD in revenue, with a projection for growth in personnel and sales to
continue rapidly for the next five years. Professionally this was not something I was experienced in, although I was
driven to grow in this area of leadership.

This growth would be the biggest test of my professional career not only in my team development, change
management and organizational change, communications skills but most importantly in my role and responsibility
as a leader. Together we have had bi-weekly coaching sessions, completed two 360-degree assessments for me,
and completed the Core Value Index assessments on myself and 90% of my staff along with two trainings for the
team on utilizing the results from these assessments. She has also trained my senior leadership team in four
separate workshops on Core Value Index Assessments, Team Effectiveness, Active Listening Skills, Giving Direct
Feedback and Reactive Triggers and Strategies.

With her coaching I have learned about my own values and how that ties to my motivation to grow this business. I
have learned how to gain alignment with my leadership team, direct reports and the business as a whole. She has
coached me to have perspective on myself with self-reflection in order to continuously improve as a leader. Most
importantly she has taught me to empower my direct reports to continuously improve themselves in their roles. I
have seen some of the greatest benefits of working with Barb in the growth of my senior leadership team’s
development. This team has found strength in one another’s common values, trust in giving honest and timely
feedback and openness in teaching one another.

The growth in our business has continued since I began my work with Barb over two years ago. This has prompted
many changes in the organization. Her coaching has allowed me to better assess and plan transitions for personnel
including how these changes are communicated to the business unit, the timing of these changes and how the
impact should support our current ninety-five employees.

Through the work with Barb I have professionally moved into an officer position in the company and have had
recognition from our local market when I was named one of this year’s ‘Forty under 40’ by Business in Vancouver. I
would highly recommend Barb for this position with the Washington State Department of Health. Without her work I
may not have seen the success in myself and this business. Should you wish to contact me further about this, I
would be happy to speak to you by phone at 604.250.5184.

Amit Patel
Vice President & General Manager

I have known and worked with Barb McAllister for many years. We first met as colleagues at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Barb and I both directed air environmental work at regional offices. I immediately recognized and appreciated her creative and results driven abilities. After she retired, I lost touch until a peer in the Chicago regional EPA office mentioned that they contracted with Barb for executive coaching. Soon after, I was looking for a coach for an employee and after researching my
options, it was clear that Barb was the best fit and I hired her to coach one of my managers, including a 360 feedback process. While she was in town, I also asked her to create and deliver a coach training program for my leadership team. SInce then, I have hired her for two more of my employees and EPA has hired her to train more managers on coaching skills, given the positive feedback from the initial session. We have worked together quite a bit these last two years.

Each of my three employees she has coached had unique challenges. One individual had very negative feedback from his direct reports who did not think he listened; another employee was stuck after not getting a promotion; and the third employee was temporarily removed from her assignment. Barb skillfully helped each of these employees see their blind spots and became an accountability partner, resulting in a development plan with specific actions. She also helped me to think through management techniques to assist in each situation. One of these employees stated to me that “ the coaching she was given was the best support she had ever received from EPA and would always be grateful for the help.”

The coach training program she delivered to my division managers was so successful that Barb was asked to deliver this training program twelve other times throughout EPA offices in the country. The requests keep coming in, and Barb and I have worked together to combine LEAN principles into her coach training program. Together we now co- facilitate the training program, and in the process Barb has grown to understand LEAN management systems. Seven offerings are already planned for 2019. In her trainings, Barb combines demonstrations of coaching and coaching skills; practice and feedback for the students; real life stories; and time for students to ask questions about their dilemmas. Her design helps the training become a team building experience. Feedback from the classes has been very positive, I think in a large part because Barb worked in a government organization and understands what the managers are experiencing.

What I most value about Barb is her mastery of coaching skills; her ability to engage the audience in her training programs; and her skill in helping employees become more self aware. Her coaching style is direct, powerful and compassionate. She is able to build rapport with her coaching clients and at the same time challenge them to take responsibility for their actions. In front of a group when she is training, she builds rapport easily and is very quick on her feet. She can change course when needed, and she ‘reads the room’ really well. She is really easy to work with, is perceptive and creative. She is also really fun! Finally, I was so inspired by Barb’s coaching that I decided to become a coach. I attended a year-long training and have coached over 20 clients. I also am currently helping to stand-up a national coaching for EPA. I am noting this last part to make a point that Barb was an inspiration to me to pursue coaching and make helping others a priority. I have no doubt that she will be equally successful, and I have seen it multiple times, with all of her future clients.

Becky Weber
Senior Advisor, EPA Region 7

Barb McAllister is a “coach’s coach!”  I can say that because I am one – which makes me pretty particular when it comes to hiring a coach.  One of the many things I value about Barb is that she is always extending her learning into new areas.  When she finds a new approach that she thinks will be valuable for herself and her clients, she goes all in to master it – hence her impressive list of certifications. 
When I signed up for a personal 2-day coaching retreat with Barb, I approached it as a gift to myself, a time for reflection and self-care.  After years of coach training and personal work, I wasn’t expecting any grand epiphanies … I was in for a big surprise.   As Barb led me through the discovery of my Enneagram type, I experienced a monumental breakthrough in self-awareness and new leverage in my relationships to both food and money! 

Another of Barb’s many gifts is the way she is able to hold me fully accountable without ever shaming or making me wrong when I stumble.  She is a continual loving presence who always relates to my greatness as the truth about who I am, celebrating my victories and supporting me in cultivating a sense of humor about my humanity.

What I value above all of Barb’s qualities is that she lives her work, and she does so with tremendous courage and dedication.  She is committed to living life with integrity – from love rather than fear.  If that appeals to you, I invite you to take it on for yourself – with Barb in your corner.

Mary Burg, M.A.
Certified Professional Coach and Equine Guided Educator

I am writing this letter in support of the coaching expertise of Barb McAllister.

I held the position of Vice President for Talent Management and Organization Development for Frito-Lay/PepsiCo for almost 10 years.  As part of this role, I was responsible for management and executive development, which included recommending, hiring, and evaluating individual coaches.  Since my retirement from PepsiCo in 2006, I have led my own consulting and coaching practice.  However, it is my personal experience working with Barb (since November, 2008) as my own life coach which leads me to recommend her.  During that time, I have continued to be impressed by Barb’s sensitivity, insight, and action orientation.

On the topic of her sensitivity, Barb is always fully present.  While she always drives the coaching process forward, she relates to me personally and with authenticity.  She is able to react with flexibility to what I need in the moment, regardless of what either of us might have had planned.  Barb does a marvelous job listening for what I am saying and not saying.  She is skilled at responding appropriately to address the emotion that can make the difference in that session.

On the subject of insight, I have been continually impressed by Barb’s ability to stay in inquiry and add new insights to my personal development process.  She is very adept at integrating the content of a particular session with my overall development goals.  She is great at asking the question which creates the enabling insight.  She engages me in inquiry in order to help me create the breakthroughs necessary to move myself into action against my stated goals.

Finally, Barb supports me to stay in action against my objectives.  She is not afraid to step in firmly when I am getting lost in my story.  She supports me in designing actions which will further my process, even in areas that initially seemed bewildering and intangible to me.  I am always aware of my progress against my projects because Barb keeps bringing me back to the plan.  Barb also reminds me of my successes, both when they occur and later, when I am apt to forget them.  In this way, she keeps me motivated on my journey.

I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend Barb McAllister as a coach.

Nancy Jagmin, Ph.D.

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